5 Famous Arm Wrestlers in the World

Arm wrestling is a sport that has always been part and parcel of the social scene, the sport was used in the traditional setting as a test for man's strength and still continues to attract a huge following in the modern world. Arm wrestling entails two people sitting on the opposite side of a table trying to pin down each other's arm.

Various methods a have been used to affirm the results or a win, this is by observation as well as the crude method used traditionally of placing a hot object or candle whereby, upon feeling the heat a losing opponent would concede defeat. Famous names in the arm wrestling field include the following:

John Brzenk:

The professional arm wrestler from the United States is arguably the most famous personality when it comes to arm wrestling. John Brzenk started arm wrestling at a tender age of sixteen years and has gone ahead and won numerous awards in this field. His first win was when he was at the tender age of eighteen years when he won his first title in the World Wide of Sports. In 2009, John Brzenk made history by being named the "greatest arm wrestler of all time" by the Guinness book of world records. Other achievements include four world championships in 1994.

Ion Oncescu:

The Romanian born professional arm wrestling is no stranger in the world of arm wrestling, Ion Oncescu started arm wrestling at an early age with his first win at the age of eighteen years. Since then he has been pulling off landmarks wins that have seen him win numerous awards and achievements. He stands out as a formidable opponent with the ability to comfortably use both the right as well as the left arm quite perfectly. A multiple winner in European and world championship, Ion Oncescu was inducted in the World's hall of fame in 2011 as being among the 50 greatest arm wrestlers the world has ever known.

Andrei Puskar:

Andrei Puskar is a name highly acknowledged and revered in the circles of arm wrestling. The professional arm wrestler from Ukraine is well versed in the field of arm wrestling. Having started of his arm wrestling career at a young, Andrei Puskar has won many championships both regionally as well as in the world stage. His impressive arm wrestling skills saw him pull off one of the most memorable events by winning against the world's best Ion Oncescu who had earlier in the tournament won against another world best "John Brzenk'.

Stoyan Golemanov:

The Bulgarian born champion has been put in the in the league of arm wrestling giants such as Ion Oncescu, John Brzenk etc. Just like most professional arm wrestlers, he started arm wrestling at an early stage and in no time was a Bulgarian champion. The arm wrestler has a lot of achievements under his belt.

Dzambolat Tsoriev:

The arm wrestling styles and tactics of Dzambolat Tsoriev are equated to those of John Brzenk, both wrestlers keep changing their tactics constantly thus most of the times throwing their opponents off the course. Dzambolat Tsoriev has had remarkable wins which have included those against Ion Oncescu.